Fortnite gets an in-game video chat feature

Fortnite gets an in-game video chat feature

Epic Games announced the developer of the game (Fortnite) Fortnite It is famous for launching a new video chat feature that will allow Fortnite players to see their friends while they are playing.

She said Company: The new feature will allow players to see their friends’ live broadcasts in-game. It is available as of today, and will be available initially for personal computers, and (PlayStation 4) PlayStation 4, and (PlayStation 5) PlayStation 5 from Sony.

The new feature comes from Epic Games in cooperation with the chat app (Houseparty), which the company acquired last year. The company has been using it since last September to support the cross-platform voice chat feature in the Fortnite game.

In order to take advantage of the new feature, the user must link his account in the game to the (House Party) account, then the Fortnite mode option can be activated in the application. Then, the user can create a party for friends, and their photos will be displayed in the left corner of the screen while playing.

The company explained that it is possible to create a party with up to 10 people together, however, only four will appear in the game, and the appearance will be limited to the most recent activity.

In order to activate the feature, the user must – in addition to owning the Fortnite game on a personal computer, or (PlayStation 4) and (PlayStation 5) – install the (House Party) application on Android or iOS devices to use it as a camera.

In order to focus on people, the House Party app will only display the face, which means that the camera will automatically focus on the user’s face, then replace a colored background with the user’s background. If the user’s face moves out of the camera’s field of view, only the colored background will be visible to other users.

And bought Epic Games Inc. Hyprsense Real-time face animation technology, so that it can put your facial expressions directly into the video game character using a simple webcam, a technology that looks very suitable for Fortnite.

And the constant update has transformed Fortnite from a game into a popular social space for spending time with friends.

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