Ford unveils the E-Transit electric cargo truck

Ford unveils the E-Transit electric cargo truck

Revealed a company Ford unveiled the first fully electric Transit truck before the first models arrive in Europe in the spring of 2022.

The E-Transit, of which up to 25 models will be available in size, weight and body, offers an estimated range This so-called “Globally Harmonized Light Vehicle Test Procedure” WLTP reaches 217 miles. It says Ford: That’s three times the distance a typical European fleet driver travels daily.

This figure comes from an under-floor battery with a usable capacity of 67 kWh. The E-Transit also features support for both AC and DC fast charging, the 11.3 kW built-in charger allows for a slow charge in just over eight hours, while the DC charging rates of up to 115 kW allow a charge of 15 percent. Percent to 80 percent in about 34 minutes. Customers are given access to the FordPass charging network, with around 160,000 chargers worldwide, many of which come with fast charging capability.

Ford spoke to a number of commercial fleet managers from brands such as Centrica, Sky and ADL Automotive, with the consensus that a range of around 150 miles is the minimum acceptable, while fast charging capability is a must. Data from millions of miles of information technology also contributed to the development of the E-Transit system.

The electric motor, which powers the rear wheels, has a peak output of 265 hp and 317 lb-ft – and Ford claims it is the most powerful electric truck in Europe. No numbers have been revealed in the performance or efficiency of the engine so far.

The E-Transit also features an Eco-Drive mode, and it claims to improve range by 8-10 percent while driving without a payload by regulating acceleration, improving climate control and reducing the top speed.

Additional features include the Pro Power Onboard option, which allows customers to use E-Transit as a source mobile Energy, saving up to 2.3 kW of power for various tools and equipment. It is claimed to be the industry number one, and expected to be a popular addition.

In terms of design, the E-Transit is broadly identical to current diesel truck models, except for a new grille design with blue horizontal bars. The charging point is also installed centrally in the grille, below the badge.

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