Ford cars run Android system from Google

Ford cars run Android system from Google

Announced a company Ford auto maker all use the Android system from a company Google is to operate infotainment systems in millions of its cars starting in 2023.

This means that voice-activated Google Assistant, Google Maps and other Android auto-approved apps will be available on Ford cars without the need to use an Android smartphone.

Deep Android integration allows drivers and passengers to use Google Assistant to change things like climate settings, and it also enables over-the-air updates that can add new features or address some maintenance issues.

Ford has not said which of its vehicles will get Android in 2023, but it has said: Millions of vehicles under the Ford and Lincoln brands are getting it.

The cars are available worldwide, but Ford did not say whether it uses Google’s Android Automotive product, which was originally included in the car unlike Android Auto that emanates from a smartphone.

A spokesperson confirmed that Ford is replacing its current interface provider, Blackberry QNX, with Android, and the carmaker is then creating a new version of its Sync operating system on top of this Android program.

The partnership represents a great victory for Google, as Ford joins a number of major car manufacturers who use Android in their cars, such as: Volvo, General Motors, Renault Alliance, Nissan and Mitsubishi.

The partnership also represents a shift for Ford, which has tried for years to avoid outside companies such as Apple and Google, and instead pushed its open source platform.

And in 2017 Ford and Toyota formed a consortium known as the SmartDeviceLink Consortium – referring to Ford’s open source software version of AppLink.

The goal at the time was to accelerate the deployment of open source software to give consumers more options in how to connect and control their smartphone apps.

In addition, Ford signs a six-year partnership with Google to use the technology giant cloud as the preferred cloud provider for connected vehicle services.

Ford and Google are creating a new group, made up of employees from both companies, called Team Upshift, which is tasked with finding other areas of innovation and developing new consumer experiences and services powered by the Android Automotive operating system.

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