Foldable iPhone with self-repairing screen

Foldable iPhone with self-repairing screen

reveal Order Patented For a company Apple introduced it in January on an idea for a foldable iPhone that includes a self-healing screen cover, allowing the device to repair scratches covering the screen.

As Apple wrote in its patent application filed with the US Patent and Trademark Office, the proposed concept rendering allows the device to repair itself without the user having to manually intervene.

In theory, the folding screen self-healing can be activated automatically, and the foldable screen self-healing can be activated according to a predetermined schedule.

Heat, light, electric current, or any other type of external stimulus is used to fix the protective layer over the screen.

The patent application also says: The screen cover for the virtual machine may include a layer of elastomer that can lose its shape and restore it to keep the sensitive internal parts of the device protected.

In theory, this material makes the foldable screen cover more durable.

Many tech companies, such as Samsung, make various styles of foldable phones, but Apple’s proposed self-repair feature adds a unique touch to these devices.

Samsung’s first foldable device, the Galaxy Fold, suffered from screen durability issues. The phone was delayed after many of the review units failed.

The basic self-healing technology is seen in at least one smartphone, the LG G Flex, released in 2013.

And the LG phone had a self-healing back cover that was supposed to fix small scratches, like a knife scratch, but It was not that effective.

There is no indication that Apple will soon release a foldable phone with self-healing materials.

And Apple appears to have been considering foldable phones for years, with other patent applications showing mockups of what a foldable iPhone would look like should it happen.

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