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Fitbit adds Tile tracking feature to its Inspire 2

Both collaborate Fitbit Tile to make sure you can always find your Fitbit Inspire 2, where Announced The two companies said Monday that their new partnership now allows users of their Inspire 2 wearable device to locate the device through Tile tracking.

Starting this week, find your Inspire 2 using Tile’s bluetooth search technology.

The partnership marks Tile’s entry into the wearables market and provides new and existing Inspire 2 users access to Tile’s search features at no additional cost.

Existing Inspire 2 users must update the firmware via the Fitbit app to add the Tile feature, and are then directed to download the Tile app to activate the search tool or use the global Tile network to crowd to try to find it.

While all new Inspire 2 devices are also able to enable Tile search technology.

Device users can also subscribe to Tile Premium to get smart alerts and other premium content at $ 2.99 a month or $ 29.99 a year.

The partnership marks the first of its kind between Tile and the wearable company, although Tile counts headphone manufacturers such as Bose, Skullcandy and Sennheiser among its partners.

Tile works with more than 20 partners to leverage its search technology across the Voice, Travel, Smart Home, and PC categories.

Crowd in lost item tracking is growing as more companies develop products to compete with Tile.

Samsung unveiled the Galaxy SmartTag earlier this year, and Apple is also expected to announce AirTags.

Fitbit Charge 4 devices receive an update that adds SpO2 tracking, skin temperature tracking and a Fitbit Health Meter Dashboard.

“Fitbit is empowering people to lead healthier and more active lifestyles, and we want to help by ensuring that your fitness tracker never gets lost,” Tile said.

Fitbit said: We are adding more convenient and useful tools to its Inspire 2 with Tile technology, and we are excited to partner with Tile so that users can focus on building healthy habits without worrying about not being able to find their device, with the potential to bring Tile technology to more Fitbit devices in the future.

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