Features of MacOS Big Sur and How to Download 2020

Features of MacOS Big Sur and How to Download 2020

“Think different”

The Mac OS X era officially ended after Apple confirmed that Big Sur is the macOS 11.0 operating system, and with this, the twenty-year macOS 10 era will end and users from this fall will begin upgrading the two-decade Mac 10 operating systems to the version. New 11. As usual, most of the new changes in the MacOS Big Sur system come in shape in addition to some updates to the daily applications that you use continuously from Apple itself, such as Photos, Mail, and other such applications.

The new system comes with many improvements and major design changes, and without major changes in the way you work, as “Big Sur” is similar to several elements of the iPhone’s operating system, including the customizable control center, where you can change the brightness and switch the “no” Inconvenience “and the new Notification Center that brings related notifications together. Many applications have received simplified new redesigns, including mail, photos, and notes.

Information about the update

Apple unveiled the latest version of the operating system (MacOS Big Sur) for its laptops and desktops during its Annual Developers Conference (WWDC 2020), also known as MacOS 11, and includes many new and redesigned features to provide a better user experience.

Apple described the Big Sur update as the biggest change in the design of its computer operating system since the appearance of (OS X) or (macOS 10) for the first time in nearly 20 years, where the design has witnessed many improvements, such as: changing the design of icons in the (bar) Applications) Dock, changing system color theme, adjusting window corner curves, and new design for basic applications bring more organization to many open windows, makes interacting with applications easier, bringing whole experience more focused and modern, which reduces visual complexity.

MacOS Big Sur offers some new features, including: The biggest update for Safari since its first launch in 2003, as the browser has become faster and more private, in addition to updating the Maps and Messages application, and includes a lot of new tools that allow users Customize their experience.

MacOS Big Sur is now available as a beta for developers, and it will be available as a public beta during next July, and it is expected that Apple will launch the final version of the system for all users during the coming fall season.

Update features

  • Design changes

Apple described the new changes to its Mac system design as the largest since they introduced Mac OS X in the past, now navigating the Big Sur system has become much easier than in the past in addition to better control by the user who has been able to control the degrees of colors that the system takes .

Now there are new changes to icons in the Dock below to match the rest of the system with new buttons and new control options that appear and disappear as needed.

Also you can now for the first time to customize the system’s menu bar as you wish, you can use the new control center to access the control options for your system faster and better than in the past, you can control the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection from the desktop and you can also activate the dark mode one click.

There is also a new update to the Notification Center interface, which includes a new design and new features such as Alerts and Widgets in a single row in addition to collecting different alerts for one application in one place. More details.

  • Changes to the Safari browser

We can say that these changes are the largest on the browser since it appeared for the first time, there is a new set of features that are concerned with privacy more so now you can get a special privacy report for every site you visit to inform you of the information that the site has access to, in addition to many improvements to Extensions and updating them To fit the company’s new privacy principle, you can now choose which plugin works with any site individually, as it has become more visible in the Mac app store.

The company also added a custom Homepage feature that allows you to customize the start page for the browser by adding anything you want to see at the beginning, such as your reading list, the latest news and other things.

Of course there are simultaneous improvements that the company has added to all the new systems, and finally the new Safari browser is supposed to run about 50% faster than Google Chrome.

  • Messages app

Most of the new updates that the application got to come from the new iPadOs and IOS system, the new updates to the application on Mac made it very similar to them, you can install the conversations you want to access quickly in the interface in addition to providing beautiful and very distinctive writing and recent message animation indicators.

They also added a new feature called inline Replies, which is simply their copy of the reply system found in WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and other chat applications, there is also an update on the application’s search system within the various messages and it searches in all messages and images alike.

  • Changes to the Maps app

You can now plan a trip from the Maps application and send it directly to your phone or smart watch, and the application now has internal maps for most of the major airports and large malls so that you do not get lost inside – finally – with the addition of a new and comprehensive guide to all the important points on the map surrounding you.

  • There are some small changes such as
  • The ability to switch between devices connected to Air pods as long as these devices are all from Apple.
  • You can edit photos from within the Photos app now.
  • Siri interface is smarter.

Devices eligible for the new MacOS Big Sur system

Devices eligible for the new MacOS Big Sur system
Devices eligible for the new MacOS Big Sur system

Whether you are looking to test MacOS Big Sur now or wait for the final release, you will need a compatible Mac device to operate the system, below are all eligible Mac models, according to Apple:

MacBook 2015 and later.

MacBook Air from 2013 and later versions.

MacBook Pro from late 2013 and later.

Mac mini from 2014 and newer versions.

iMac from 2014 release and later versions.

iMac Pro from 2017 release and later.

Mac Pro from 2013 and newer versions.

This list means that MacBook Air devices released in 2012, MacBook Pro devices released in mid-2012 and early 2013, Mac mini devices released in 2012 and 2013, and iMac devices released in 2012 and 2013 will not get macOS Big Sur.

How to download and install MacOS Big Sur

How to download and install MacOS Big Sur

If you want to try the system now, You will need to sign up for an Apple developer account, which costs $ 99 annually, as the version now available is MacOS developer beta.

It should be noted that after installing the beta for developers, you do not expect the system to operate normally, as some applications will not work, there are likely to be some random reboots and crashes, and battery life is also likely to be affected.

Therefore, it is not recommended to install the beta for developers on the main Mac. On the other hand, utilize a perfect reinforcement gadget on the off chance that you have one, or hang tight for at any rate the principal nonexclusive beta accessible. We additionally suggest that you sit tight for a more extended period until the official discharge date in the fall. Because the system will be more stable.

If you still want to download the developer beta from the system, you can follow these steps:

  • Back up your data in your Mac, even if you are downloading the trial version to an older device, so as not to risk losing everything if a problem occurs during or after the installation process.
  • On a Mac, go https:/developer.apple.com.
  • Click the Find tab in the upper left, at that point click the MacOS tab at the head of the following page.
  • Click the Download symbol in the upper-right corner of the screen.
  • Log in to your Apple designer account. At the base of the page, click the Introduce Profile button for MacOS Large Sur to begin downloading the record.
  • Open the downloads window, click (MacOS Large Sur Designer Beta Access Utility), at that point double tap (macOSDeveloperBetaAccessUtility.pkg) to run the installer and pause.
  • Then check the Framework Inclinations area to ensure you have a MacOS update. Snap Update to download and introduce the preliminary working framework. Once restarted on your Mac computer, it will install the beta system for developers.

Many of the features we mentioned for the new company Apple system is MacOS Big Sur. With the ways to download and install this amazing system in a smooth and simplified way. We hope that you liked the article and was familiar with the topic in all aspects.

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