Facebook will not alert affected users of the data leak

Facebook will not alert affected users of the data leak

He said Spokesman a company Facebook: It has not notified the more than 530 million users affected by the data leak through abuse of a feature prior to 2019 and was recently announced in a database, and it currently has no plans to do so.

Business Insider reported last week that phone numbers and other details from user profiles were available in a public database.

Facebook said at Post: The malicious actors obtained the data prior to September 2019 by collecting personal files using a vulnerability in the contact sync platform tool.

A Facebook spokesperson explained that the social media company is not confident that it has complete visibility on the users who need to be notified.

He said: It also took into account that users cannot fix the problem and that data is available to the public when deciding not to notify users, and that Facebook fixed the vulnerability after identifying the problem at that time.

He added: The stolen information does not include financial information, health information, or passwords. However, aggregated data can provide valuable information on other breaches or violations.

AndIndicates (Ryan Mac) Ryan Mac, a BuzzFeed News reporter, notes that Facebook’s comments do not align with the fact that the company has not spoken out or filed lawsuits against controversial watchdog firm Clearview AI for collecting photos from Instagram and Facebook. Instagram and Facebook.

Facebook, which has long been under scrutiny over how it handles user privacy, in 2019 reached a landmark settlement with the US Federal Trade Commission over its investigation into allegations that the company misused user data.

Ireland’s Data Protection Committee, the main EU regulator, told Facebook it had contacted the company about the data leak and had not received any proactive contact from Facebook, but was now in touch.

The US Federal Trade Commission July 2019 Settlement requires Facebook to report details of unauthorized access to data on 500 or more users within 30 days of confirming the incident.

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