Facebook wants you to pay for Instagram links

Facebook wants you to pay for Instagram links

Contemplate platform Instagram charges for adding links to photo captions, depending on To order Patented.

It shows the patent application, submitted by the parent company Facebook For the first time in 2016, a popup appears when a user adds a URL to a caption, and the pop-up asks if the user wants to pay $ 2 to add the link.

The patent application, called Adding Paid Links to Media Captions in a Social Networking System, describes how the system will operate, so that if the online system detects that the textual content of the comment includes a chain of link text specifying the title, the system will require the publisher to pay a fee in exchange for generating Link.

This has always been one of the biggest complaints about Instagram, that if you want to include a link to a story, product, or anything else in your post, you can’t add URLs to your captions.

Most people use the “link in bio” trick, and verified photo-sharing platform users can add links to stories.

The question here will be whether Instagram influencers, brands, and other users would be willing to pay a fee per link, but it seems illogical to generate revenue for Instagram if this comes into play.

However, as with any patent, it is important to note that companies apply for patents all the time for products and services that never come to fruition, so it is not possible to know whether or not this feature might actually occur.

Meanwhile, Instagram chief Adam Mosseri said in a blog post last week: They’ve reviewed the way the photo-sharing platform has been verifying accounts over the past two months, and as a result, they’ve made changes to the verification process.

“Although the number of followers was never a requirement to validate the form within the app, which anyone can apply for, we have certain regulations in place that give priority to high-following accounts to help bypass the tens of thousands of requests received every day, and we have removed Since then this matter of the automated part of the process.

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