Facebook wants to make the default Messenger app on iOS

Facebook wants to make the default Messenger app on iOS

Requested a company Facebook from a company Apple for years allowed people to change the default messaging app (iOS).

And according to To report New, Facebook You want Apple to provide an option to make Messenger the default messaging app on iOS.

Apple, with iOS 14 and iPadOS 14, agreed to a long-standing request from customers, providing an option to change default apps for browsing the web and handling e-mail.

While it remained Many other categories of apps, like Messages, Music, Calendar, etc., are stuck with Apple’s built-in programs.

It appears Facebook is not impressed with the change, and Facebook urges Apple to allow people to choose their favorite messaging app.

“We feel that people should be able to choose different messaging applications and the default application in their phones,” said Stan Chudnovsky, Head of Messenger at Facebook.

According to Chudnovsky, Facebook has routinely asked Apple over the years to make it possible for third-party apps to become the default iOS messaging app, and Apple’s answer has always been a refusal.

Asked why Apple’s position remained the same, Chudnovsky said: The main speculation is that messaging increases device sales.

And this may be true, as Apple’s iMessage platform and the features it makes available among iPhone owners – voice messages, read notifications, reply and write indicators, stickers, and message effects – are a major factor in why people buy and stick to iPhones.

The encryption of the messaging platform (iMessage) is also a cornerstone of the company’s privacy plan for consumers.

Site says (MacRumors): Allowing other apps to replace Messages requires major changes in iOS, which is not currently possible. Because the system Third-party applications are not allowed to receive messages (SMS) that are sent to iPhone phone number.

This approach is not equivalent on the Apple platform to any other developer in the messaging field, Chudnovsky said, and if Apple uses the Android approach, it allows us to compete more equitably as iOS dominates.

Facebook executives have intensified their criticism of Apple in recent months, including opposing restrictions imposed by the iPhone manufacturer on gaming apps and targeting ads, in addition to in-app purchases.

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