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Facebook reveals how to make money from WhatsApp

Since I paid a company Facebook bought a whopping $ 19 billion to purchase What’s Up In 2014, investors wondered how to take advantage of the acquisition, especially after the company backed away from a controversial plan to sell ads in the app.

And theSubmitted The company recently provided some details on how it is using WhatsApp to drive ad sales across its other platforms, Facebook and Instagram.

Companies that use WhatsApp to communicate with customers and conduct transactions since 2017 have been able to purchase ads on Facebook and Instagram that include a button that allows users to switch to WhatsApp and start a conversation with that business.

There are now a million companies that use such ads.

It also launches a new feature, whereby businesses can start creating such ads directly from the WhatsApp Business app, which was not possible previously, which makes the ad buying process much smoother.

The new feature takes advantage of the WhatsApp Business menu, which is a default interface or menu in the business account where customers can view offers.

Businesses can now select an item from the list and quickly convert it into an ad on Facebook or Instagram using a button that directs viewers to the WhatsApp account.

Previously, business owners had to go to Facebook or Instagram to start the ad buying process.

And Facebook said: For many people, Internet commerce is not related to websites and stores, but more about messages, and the next step is to facilitate companies’ adoption of all these services and give them tools that can deal with messages and customer relations.

The new feature allows business owners to start creating “click to go WhatsApp” ads that are run on Facebook and Instagram directly from the WhatsApp Business app.

The new feature is a sign that Facebook confirms its commitment to a plan not to allow ads directly over WhatsApp, and the app’s future revenue is likely to come from offers, such as payments and e-commerce.

As it develops these new business models, Facebook is using WhatsApp to enhance its core advertising business.

Its impact is unclear, as the company has not disclosed sales of “click to go WhatsApp” ads, and the million companies that use them make up a small fraction of the total of 50 million WhatsApp users.

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