Facebook provides a rebuttal to the popular Netflix movie “The Social Dilemma”

Facebook provides a rebuttal to the popular Netflix movie “The Social Dilemma”

Submitted a company Facebook today, Friday, a refutation of the documentary drama (Social Dilemma) that was widely successful on the (Netflix) network.

The film revealed; Perhaps for the first time to some viewers, how social networks are using algorithms to get users to visit them again. It also covered how tech companies affect elections, ethnic violence, depression rates, and suicide. Some viewers said they removed Facebook and Instagram after watching the documentary.

Facebook’s refutation is believed to indicate that it is concerned about the documentary’s impact on usage. “Social Dilemma” appeared on Netflix’s ten best movies and TV shows in September, and is still listed in the “Trending Contents” section.

And in Published Posted on its website, Facebook addressed many of the concerns it had about the film, covering topics such as: addiction, users being “the product”, its algorithms, data privacy, polarization, elections, and misinformation.

“Instead of providing an accurate look at the technology, it gives a distorted view of how social media platforms work to create a suitable scapegoat for difficult and complex societal problems,” Facebook said. She added that the documentary adds excitement to social networks and provides a distorted view of how it works.

Facebook has argued that its algorithms keep things that users deem “relevant and useful” in the same way that Netflix, dating apps, Amazon and Uber do.

However, one of the things that was raised in the movie is that Facebook’s algorithms learn more specific things about users, such as: their favorite political party, and show them the news they think they will agree with. This problem does not occur in the services that Facebook compares itself to. The film suggested that social networks should show viewers a mixture of opinions to offer more balance.

Facebook has also argued that its product teams are not driven to create features to increase the amount of time people use its services. It said it made changes in 2018 that cut use by 50 million hours a day.

Yet with every earnings call, Facebook highlights the (Daily Active Users) metric, which has steadily increased year after year. These users are the ones the company makes money from, so it makes sure that they come back every day. According to Q2 2020 earnings, more than 1.79 billion people use Facebook daily, and 2.7 billion people use it every month.

The company also provides a measure of how much these users are worth, as the average revenue per user in the second quarter of 2020 was $ 7.05.

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