Facebook outraged by Apple’s attack on “targeted ads”

Facebook outraged by Apple’s attack on “targeted ads”

(David Fisher) – Chief Revenue Officer at a company Facebook – Today, Tuesday: Economic models that rely on personalized ads are “under attack” as a company prepares Camel For changes that would limit Facebook and other companies’ ability to target ads, and estimate their success.

The change in (Apple ID for Advertisers) will give iPhone users the option to block tracking upon opening the app. The company had planned to take the change into effect with the iOS 14 system that was launched for iPhones last month, but Apple said at the time: it would delay the start of the change until 2021 “to give developers time to make the necessary changes.”

And he spoke Fisher in a virtual session of the Advertising Week conference today, Tuesday, about the changes after he was asked about Facebook’s weakness in front of companies that control mobile phone platforms, such as: Apple and Google, which have the Android mobile operating system.

Fisher argued that even with “concern and concern” about the technology risks, personalized and targeted ads are essential to help the internet grow. Fisher said, “The economic model that Facebook just doesn’t rely on is Rather, for many companies, it’s a model that’s worth preserving, the model that makes content freely available, and the business that keeps that going; Be through ads. ”

Fisher added: “At the present time; Frankly, some of that is under attack, and the tools that entrepreneurs and companies depend on today are under threat. For me, the changes proposed by Apple are drastic changes that will harm developers and companies the most. ”

Apple argues that the change is to preserve users’ privacy, not an attack on the advertising industry, and has been known to display privacy features as a primary reason for purchasing iPhones. This comes at a time when consumers are increasingly concerned about their privacy on the Internet after scandals with various companies, including: Facebook.

Facebook plans to “defend” its current model, Fisher said. Fisher’s comments come about a month after (Adam Mosseri) – CEO of Instagram – announced that the company would resist changing (Apple’s advertiser ID), arguing that it would be a “problem” for small businesses.

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