Facebook launches the hidden messages feature for Messenger and Instagram

Facebook launches the hidden messages feature for Messenger and Instagram

Started a company Facebook launched the latest competing feature of the Snapchat service, to the instant messaging service (Messenger) and the photo and short video sharing service (Instagram) Instagram, which is the hidden quick messages feature.

She was a social media giant Has announced About the feature called (Vanish Mode) at the end of last September in the framework of the integration of the messaging service of the Messenger app into Instagram.

The Vanish Mode feature allows users of both Messenger and Instagram to send texts, images, voice messages, emojis, and stickers that disappear instantly as soon as the other party sees them.

And some users may have already noticed Vanish Mode in their chat settings in Messenger, as Facebook has been introducing it slowly to some users since Announcement The redesign two months ago. And on Instagram, some elements of Vanish Mode are already part of the basic set of direct messaging features, and that includes disappearing photos and videos as soon as you watch them.

The Vanish Mode works similarly to the Secret Chat mode found in Messenger, which allows access to an end-to-end encrypted conversation that is only saved in the device, however the new mode is designed to delete anything sent once you view it.

And for Facebook, the ephemeral messages are still a way to attract younger smartphone users who have flocked to chat apps and platforms, as they don’t have to post publicly, and they don’t want to be asked about social media posts at a later time.

While the Snapchat service became popular with the fleeting message feature among American teenagers, in addition to the stories feature, and the design of its own messages, Facebook has since adopted many of its competition’s features, and implemented them through its various applications, such as: Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram for users of all ages. all over the world.

Vanish Mode is the latest thing Facebook has taken in this direction, and a remarkable addition considering that CEO (Mark Zuckerberg) announced last year that his company would shift away from public posts towards messages and private groups.

This; Vanish Mode will appear in both apps as a premium option that can be turned on and off in the settings for any given chat. You can also enter the profile by swiping up in the individual, not group chats.

Facebook says the mode will be optional, which means that the user must agree to enter Vanish Mode as soon as the other party in the chat activates it. Messenger and Instagram will send a notification when the other party takes a screenshot while chatting.

Facebook says: Vanish Mode will be available for Messenger in the United States as well as in some other countries starting today. It will be available for the Instagram app in the US and other countries at a later time.

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