Facebook launches the group viewing feature in Messenger video calls

Facebook launches the group viewing feature in Messenger video calls

Company announced Facebook Today, Monday, the launch of a new feature that allows users of its instant messaging app (Messenger) to collectively view videos on the social network.

The American social media giant said on Published On her blog: “Some things are simply better when we’re together.” “Earlier this year, we launched Many new tools That helps you stay in touch with your friends and family, wherever you are. ”

Today, Facebook announced the launch of the Watch Together feature that allows users to enjoy watching videos from Facebook Watch with friends and family, and see their interactions in real time through Messenger video calls, and Messenger Rooms (Messenger Rooms) service.

Facebook noted that Messenger users make more than 150 million video calls every day, and send more than 200 million videos via Messenger. And now, with Watch Together, users can watch and share videos in real time.

Facebook said: “We created Watch Together to make spending quality time with friends and loved ones as close as possible to a personal experience.” The company noted that the feature is also important to content creators.

As for how the Watch Together feature works, Facebook said that once you start a visual Messenger call, or create a Messenger room, you can swipe up to access the menu and choose the new feature. From there, the user can choose a suggested video or choose a video according to the available categories: TV & Movies, Watched, or Uploaded.

This; Videos can be watched with up to 8 people in Messenger Video Calls, or up to 50 people in Messenger rooms. Noting that the Watch Together feature is free, and it will also be available all over the world for users of Messenger and Messenger rooms on mobile devices running the Android operating system from Google, and the iOS system from Apple.

Last Thursday, Facebook revealed Facebook Campus, a social network intended for university students only, and it helps them communicate with them between them.

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