Facebook launches the Climate Science Information Center

Facebook launches the Climate Science Information Center

Launched a company Facebook is the Climate Science Information Center to upgrade reliable sources on climate change, as critics question their role in spreading disinformation on the issue.

Facebook said the project was modeled after its (COVID-19) information center, and it also launched a similar feature last month on voting in preparation for the US elections in November.

The Climate Science Information Center will be launched in the United States, France, Germany and the United Kingdom, in addition to other countries at a later time.

“The Climate Science Information Center is a dedicated space on Facebook with real-world resources from the world’s leading climate organizations and actionable steps people can take in their daily lives to combat climate change,” the company said in a blog post.

She explained that articles from high-profile publishers and other sources on climate science news will also be available at the center.

A link to the center will appear when people search for climate change information on Facebook, or when people see specific posts related to the topic.

The Climate Science Information Center sources include the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, the United Nations Environment Program, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the World Meteorological Organization and the Bureau of Meteorology.

Facebook has faced allegations that it allows false claims about climate change through a policy that excludes opinion articles from its external fact-checking system.

She said: It prioritizes dealing with disinformation that poses a direct threat of harm, such as fake coronavirus treatments or hate speech that may incite violence.

Facebook head of global policy, Nick Clegg, said the company would continue to exclude false claims about climate change made by politicians, even though these are often among the most popular content on the platform.

“No social media company has attempted to do this for the simple reason that political speeches are always characterized by exaggeration, chosen uses of statistics and exaggerated claims of virtues from a candidate,” Clegg added.

The company did not measure the effectiveness of the Coronavirus Information Center in confronting false stories about the epidemic, despite the fact that the head of producer Chris Cox (Chris CoxHe said: 600 million people used the tool, which executives deemed successful.

Facebook has also confirmed that its global operations will achieve net zero carbon emissions and be 100 percent powered by renewable energy this year.

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