Facebook launches bars to create and share rap music

Facebook launches bars to create and share rap music

Launched An in-house R&D group within a company Facebook named NPE Team has its next beta app called Bars.

And the app allows rappers to create and share their raps using professional beats over 60-second videos.

This is the second app that the NPE Team has launched in the music industry after the introduction of the music video app Collab.

And while Collab focuses on making music with others online, Bars instead targets potential rappers looking to create and share their own videos.

Within the application, users choose from hundreds of professional rhythms, then write their own words and record a video clip.

And Bars can also suggest rhymes automatically while writing the lyrics, while providing various audio and visual filters to accompany the videos, as well as an auto-tuning feature.

You can then post the videos to a TikTok-style feed, where people can watch and tag it, or share it on other social media platforms.

The app also promises studio-quality sound effects, including the AutoTune audio processor.

The app also promises an automatic rhyme dictionary for those who classify themselves as beginners upon registering for the app.

Despite the focus on music and rap in particular, the new app could somehow be considered another attempt by Facebook to develop one of TikTok’s competitors, at least in this content category.

Bars is currently publishing a beta version of the iOS app store in the US and is opening its queue.

And Facebook says: It is moving to open access to bar invitations in batches, starting with the United States, and updates and news about the invitations are announced, at the same time, on the Instagram platform.

And the epidemic played a big role in the development of the app, and the advertisement said: Like Collab from the NPE Team, the epidemic has played a role in creating bars, as Access to live music and places where the rapper could experiment was blocked.

Created in collaboration with a team of aspiring rappers, the app was launched today in a closed beta version.

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