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Facebook hides pages that share misinformation

I became platform Facebook is ready to deal with pages that frequently share misinformation.

And theSubtract The company has a new name that says: “This page frequently shares misleading information” when you like the page.

The company links the debunked posts by our certified fact checkers into the pop-up window containing more information.

She added that it has also launched ways to notify people if they are interacting with fact checker-rated content.

Facebook has not detailed its criterion for determining what constitutes a “frequency” of sharing disinformation.

Facebook penalizes individual accounts:

Facebook also penalizes individual accounts that serially share disinformation, by deregulating them.

This means that you see their posts in the news feed less often.

While individual Facebook users were previously immune to this type of scrutiny, Instagram users were not.

However, wrong information about vaccines spread via the photo-sharing app. Regardless of the complexity of its systems, Facebook is too large to be monitored.

The company wrote in a press release: Starting today, we will reduce the distribution of all posts in the news feed from an individual’s Facebook account if he repeatedly shares content rated by one of our news validation partners.

And while proven wrong posts have been downgraded in the news feed, users who regularly share disinformation will now see all of their content pushed down.

Facebook has also redesigned its notification that exposes the wrong information.

It made it easier to understand the information being synthesized, and now includes links to carefully obtained details to correct details by fact checkers.

Facebook indicated earlier this year that it closed 1.3 billion fake accounts between October and December.

Facebook also said: It will not remove the posts claiming that the Coronavirus was manufactured in the laboratory.

The company explained that this step was taken after consulting with public health experts.

Meanwhile, US President Joe Biden has asked intelligence organizations in the country to intensify their efforts to find the origin of the Corona virus and submit a report within 90 days.

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