Facebook has worked to deprive the left-wing news sites of visitors

Facebook has worked to deprive the left-wing news sites of visitors

Newspaper reported (The Wall Street Journal) That a company Facebook made changes to its Latest News page algorithm in 2017 to reduce the appearance of left-leaning news sites like Mother Jones on its platform, and CEO Mark Zuckerberg personally approved the changes.

But Mother Jones director of growth and strategy website (Ben Dreyfus) wrote that in Multiple meetings With Facebook executives in 2017 and 2018, they reassured him that while the traffic might decrease, that would not be “in a way that favors or does not favor any publisher or class of publishers.”

And according to the Wall Street Journal, some of Facebook’s policy executives voiced their concerns in 2017 about pending changes to the (latest news) algorithm that they believed could have a greater impact on news sites with the right direction, such as the Daily Wire. So engineers made changes to the algorithm to have a greater impact on traffic to left-leaning sites.

A Facebook spokesperson told the Wall Street Journal, “We have not made any changes with the intent to affect individual publishers.”

And in 2019, the editors of Mother Jones wrote that the site has seen Drop sharply In his Facebook audience, resulting in a loss of nearly $ 600,000 over the course of 18 months.

The chief executive (Monica Powerlin) said: This decline means that the organization cannot fill positions or pursue some projects. She added that she and others at Mother Jones did not believe the site was specifically targeted.

It is believed that Facebook’s relationship over the past years has become tense with the news industry, as its advertising actions and the continuous adjustments to (latest news) have had a direct economic impact on the industry. Facebook’s attempts to partner with the journalism industry mostly failed miserably.

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