Facebook extends the ban on political ads under Trump’s intransigence

Facebook extends the ban on political ads under Trump’s intransigence

Announced platform Facebook yesterday, Wednesday, about Extension Political ads banned for at least another month, due to delays in election results due to the Coronavirus pandemic and the unprecedented rates of mail and absentee voting.

Facebook said: The pause in ads related to political and social issues in the United States is still in effect as part of our ongoing efforts to protect the elections, and advertisers can expect this to continue for another month, although there may be an opportunity to resume these ads soon.

She added: It may take longer to obtain the US election results this year than it was in previous elections due to the Coronavirus pandemic and more people voting by mail, and we have provided a range of policies and products to help protect election integrity and reduce the chances of confusion or abuse. the use.

Facebook did not explicitly mention that the current US presidential race had been decided in favor of the president-elect (Joe Biden), while the president (Donald Trump) refused to acknowledge and concede and is using allegations of election fraud to challenge the results and launch legal challenges in swing states.

This means that blocking ads on Facebook prevents Trump from falsely declaring victory through ads or using his network to make other false or misleading claims..

Banning Facebook ads appears to be one of the tools that the company believes it needs to prevent further wrong information from spreading across its social network, because Trump’s refusal to compromise and the implications of this decision may last for a long time until next month and possibly even January.

And Facebook announced about Political ads were banned at the beginning of October, and came into effect on election day, It came after several months of deliberations within the company and harsh condemnations from critics for its inaction.

And Facebook’s internal monitoring tools began – since the ban came into effect – to record an increase in the trends of violence and incitement.

The company classifies this data as a reflection of how people are organizing, discussing, and sharing links across the platform, and it has become even more alarming since Election Day and since Trump and his campaign began to escalate rhetoric about refusing to compromise and peacefully transfer power.

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