Facebook encourages participation in ad tracking

Facebook encourages participation in ad tracking

start platform Facebook displays a prompt in its iPhone and iPad app designed to persuade users to allow ad tracking, in preparation for the next privacy change you are forced into. a company Apple TV developers obtain permission to track users across applications and websites in the future.

The new screen is being shown to users worldwide as of today, and Facebook is providing early data on how Apple’s privacy change will affect social network business, ahead of Apple’s planned update in early spring, which makes the consent request mandatory.

The claim gives users an info page detailing why Facebook believes the user should give the company permission to track them across iOS.

The company argues that doing so makes ads more personalized and helps support companies that rely on advertising.

And the change coming from Apple allows users to opt out of letting apps collect what is called an advertiser identifier, or IDFA, that companies share with each other to track a user across apps and measure the effectiveness of digital ads.

Facebook has spent the past few months in Cite potential harm That may catch up with small businesses due to Apple’s new privacy measures, which Facebook says: they lead to less effective ads and potentially lower revenues.

The company has issued full-page press announcements against Apple’s changes, and both the CEO of Facebook and the CEO of Apple have made a series of increasingly hostile public remarks against the company’s other business models.

Facebook says it is using the new claim to help people make a more informed decision under App Store rules that allow developers to educate consumers.

A Facebook spokesperson said: Apple’s new claim is designed to offer a wrong trade-off between personalized ads and privacy, while we can provide both, and Apple is doing so in order to favor its self-targeted advertising services and products.

He added: We display our own screen to provide more information about how we use personalized ads, which support small businesses and keep apps free. Approving our screen does not lead to Facebook collecting new types of data.

Facebook is seeking permission early in an effort to prepare itself for what may be a large number of users who are refusing to sign up for ad tracking.

And according to the reports, some internal estimates at the company expect less than 20 percent of Facebook users to agree to allow tracking via iOS.

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