Facebook critics launch a rival supervisory board

Facebook critics launch a rival supervisory board

He fired detractors a company Facebook, including the architects of the boycott ads campaign against the company, Friday had a rival censorship board to review the company’s content stewardship practices.

The new group – which calls itself the Real Facebook Oversight Board – includes among its early members the heads of three US civil rights groups, a former president of Estonia, and a former head of election integrity at Facebook.

The announced launch comes a day after the officially authorized censorship board announced on Facebook that it will start work between mid and late October next, that is, after nearly a year of delaying the deadline.

This delay is believed to mean that the official Facebook-funded board is unlikely to review issues related to the US elections scheduled for November 3, which have generated some of the most contentious problems the world’s largest social network has faced.

The competition board plans to move faster. He said in a statement: He will hold his first public meeting next week, and will focus directly on election issues, including: voter suppression, election security, and misinformation.

And he said Board member (Roger McNamee) – one of the first investors in the company, who criticized his leaders for their handling of the misuse of the platform in the 2016 elections: The company “responds to the criticism with bad faith statements and cosmetic changes.” “The true supervisory board will act as a watchdog that assists policy makers and consumers,” he added.

According to the statement, members of the (Facebook Real Supervisory Board) plan to broadcast their meetings in weekly shows through Facebook Live.

The group said it gets the funding from Luminate, a charity supported by the Omidyar Group, but did not disclose the amount of the funding. Noting that Facebook has allocated about $ 130 million to finance its oversight board, which said: It will cover operational costs for at least six years.

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