Facebook criticizes Apple and hopes Europe will set its limits

Facebook criticizes Apple and hopes Europe will set its limits

She said a company Facebook on Tuesday: It hopes the new draft of European rules aimed at curbing the power of major American companies will put limits to Apple, its latest blow in an ongoing dispute.

The two companies confronted each other after Apple announced a privacy feature that allowed users to prevent advertisers from tracking them across different apps.

Facebook and other companies, which generate revenue from ad sales, said the feature harms developers.

Apple responded: When intrusive tracking is your business model, you will not be happy with the transparency and customer choices.

It targets one of the new draft European rules – called the Digital Markets Act DMA Large companies and calls to stop preferring their own services through their platforms.

A Facebook spokesperson said: We hope the DMA will also set limits for Apple.

He added: Apple controls its entire ecosystem from the device to the app and app store, and is using this power to harm developers and consumers, as well as large platforms, such as Facebook.

It requires another one, called the Digital Services Act DSA, From companies with more than 45 million users to do more to tackle illegal content and deliberately manipulate platforms to influence elections, among other requirements, or face heavy fines.

Facebook has faced criticism for not doing enough to prevent people from using its platform to spread hate speech or fake news.

The social media network, one of the American companies subject to the scope of the new European rules, welcomed the position of the European Union, and said: It is on the right track to help preserve the good in the Internet.

She added: We have long called for regulations on harmful content and have actively participated in many European initiatives in this field, including the European Union’s Code of Conduct on Hate Speech.

Big tech companies could soon face hefty fines and strict controls over their behavior through sweeping new rules in the European Union.

On Tuesday, the European Commission, the executive arm of the European Union, introduced the two new legislation affecting how major tech companies operate.

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