Facebook censorship board confirms its launch before the US elections

Facebook censorship board confirms its launch before the US elections

Confirmed Censorship board Facebook, which is long awaited, plans to launch before the US elections on November 3, after it was criticized for not taking any measures yet.

The social media giant – which has more than 2.7 billion monthly users – is seeking to remove unacceptable photos and videos, after it was criticized for failing to combat hate speech, cyberbullying, and other content that violates the site’s “community standards”.

What is meant by the oversight board is a type of appeals body through which users can challenge the company’s decisions regarding controversial content. And (Mark Zuckerberg) – CEO of the company – said in statement In September 2019: “The board’s decision will be binding, even if neither I nor anyone else on Facebook agree.”

After a determination of The Financial Times, A spokesman for the Independent Supervisory Board said To CNBC: It is expected that the Council will start its work between mid and late October.

The spokesperson said: “We are currently testing the newly published technical systems, which will allow users to file an appeal, and allow the board to review cases. Assuming that these tests are going as planned, we expect to open the door to receiving appeals for users in mid-October or late. The spokesperson added, “Building a comprehensive, principled and effective global process takes time, and our members are working hard to get it launched as soon as possible.”

Facebook, the owner of the world’s largest social media network, has come under pressure to demonstrate its willingness to deal with what are among the most polarizing US elections in recent history, as experts worry that some of the platform’s users may try to incite violence.

The Board will receive the cases through the content management system linked to Facebook’s own systems. It will then collectively discuss the issue before making a final decision on whether to allow the content to be kept or removed.

Facebook announced the creation of an independent board of directors in November 2018. This came shortly after the publication of a report in the New York Times detailing how the company avoided blame and diverted it from it for its handling of Russian interference in American politics and other cases of abuse of the network. Social.

Facebook said at the time: The board members are a globally diverse group that includes lawyers, journalists, human rights defenders and other academics among themselves. It is said that they have experience in areas such as: digital rights, religious freedom, rights conflicts, content modification, internet censorship and rights Civil.

The censorship board can help Facebook avoid accusations of bias if it removes problematic content. Some lawmakers and conservative speakers said Facebook censors politically conservative views, an allegation the company rejects.

Facebook pledged last December to give the board of directors $ 130 million in funding, and the projected funds are expected to cover operational costs for at least six years. The board of directors will be compensated for their time, yet the dues they will receive from Facebook have not been announced.

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