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Facebook celebrates Ramadan with new features

Announced platform Facebook has announced a set of new tools to help users celebrate the holy month of Ramadan, which is once again affected by coronavirus restrictions around the world.

The features found via social apps are gaining increasing importance in facilitating communication and celebration during the holy month in light of the presence of many people who are still unable to physically gather.

Last year, the Facebook community shared more than 20 million posts and the comment “Happy Ramadan,” and video calls over WhatsApp increased on the first day of Eid.

On Facebook and Instagram in 2020, people contributed twice as much to Ramadan as they did in 2019.

This year, Facebook invites more than two billion people worldwide to celebrate Ramadan to honor the holy month with the hashtag #MonthofGood.

Starting today, there will be more ways for people to explore, inspire, and express goodness through Facebook apps, and people can discover ways to show how to give back to their communities. Through new resources and features.

People can also share their charity work and connect with friends and family during the holy month, and accordingly Facebook launched New directory To help people celebrate Ramadan, with 30 ideas for #MonthofGood.

Throughout Ramadan, Facebook collaborates with content creators, communities, publishers and NGOs to highlight those who are making a positive impact in communities and inspiring others to do the same.

It hosts the British director (Basma Khalifa) Basma Khalifa Facebook has posted a video series celebrating change makers and small businesses in the Muslim community.

Creative people from all over the world, on Instagram, are sharing special moments from their Ramadan celebration through a series of live videos throughout the month, highlighting a variety of Muslim voices, as well as the content of the Instagram hashtag #MonthofGood.

In addition, those looking to make charitable donations or pay zakat during the month can turn to Facebook and Instagram to find non-profit organizations, such as: Rahma Global, UNHCR, the Molham Volunteer Team, the Zakat Foundation of America, along with thousands. All over the world, charities collect donations during Ramadan to provide food baskets, supplies and emergency relief to those who need it most.

People can share their charity work and connect with friends and family during Ramadan through the new Instagram stickers designed by Hala Al Abbasi. Hala Al Abbasi, And the new WhatsApp stickers drawn by (Murad Kalkavan) Murat Kalkavan.

New stickers are available in the Facebook app, as well as new camera effects and stickers via Messenger and Messenger Kids.

Families can meet to watch exclusive Ramadan series on Facebook and IGTV from content creators, such as: Khaled Al-Ameri And Nefis Yemek Tarifleri, And networks, such as MBC.

People can also listen to Live Suhoor Talks, a global series hosted by creators across the UK, Asia, the Middle East and North Africa and featuring weekly talks on topics ranging from food and fasting to mental health and well-being.

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