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Facebook asks about negative experiences in its news feed

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Facebook is still trying to figure out how to fix its news feed, and plans to start asking users what kind of content they want to see.

And over the next few months, start The company Polls users’ opinions about the content in the news feed, including whether too much political content is contributing to negative experiences.

And Facebook wrote in PostIncreasingly, we hear comments from people that they see too much content about politics and too many other types of posts and comments detracting from the news feed experience, and we’re working to understand the types of content associated with these negative experiences.

Facebook added: Users want inspirational content because it motivates them and can be useful to them outside of the platform.

The company surveys users’ opinions about whether they find the content inspiring, along with polls about their interest in certain topics like cooking, sports and politics, so it can display posts of interest.

Facebook aims to help users customize the news feed according to interests.

At the end of March, Facebook began introducing filters to allow users to customize their news feed, and the company now hopes to learn more about what users like and dislike.

And Mark Zuckerberg said in January: He wants to reduce the amount of political content in the news feed in general, “People do not want politics to dominate their experience,” he added.

Separately, Facebook has been testing ways to remove political posts from its news feed.

In addition to surveys, Facebook is testing another tool to help users have more control over what they see by using a new “x” button in the upper-right corner of the post to hide the post in the news feed.

The service allows users to hide the posts, but the option is buried within the options menu, and many people may not know that it exists.

Facebook has always seemed to focus on maintaining and increasing engagement, at the expense of providing a healthy environment for people to talk to family and friends.

This survey approach is a small step in the right direction, but it depends on the people actually involved in the first place, which is not guaranteed.

The company has been subjected to intense scrutiny to help it increase the political divide in the United States and play a major role in the elections. Facebook’s influence in both issues stems largely from the disinformation that was spread across the platform.

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