Facebook announces the new design for Messenger service

Facebook announces the new design for Messenger service

Announced a company Facebook today, Tuesday, announced the launch of a new design for the instant messaging application Messenger, Which includes many new things, such as: the new logo.

Facebook – which has the world’s largest social network, with over 2.7 billion monthly active users – said in PublishedToday, we’re introducing a new look for Messenger, which includes a new logo, default chat color, and themes. New For chatting, such as: love, dye, and personalized interactions.

The company also said: It has added features such as: selfie stickers and a disappearance mode, which will be available soon.

And Facebook indicated that the new look reflects a shift to the future of messaging, as a more dynamic, fun and integrated way to spend time with the user’s favorite people, on their favorite applications and devices.

Facebook company said The end of last September: It will start using Messenger’s messaging service in Instagram’s photo and video sharing app, which is the first major step in its plan to link messages across its suite of apps.

This step allows users of each service to find video calls to contacts on the other end, send messages to them, and stop them without having to download both applications.

It also offers features, such as: custom emojis, and themes that were the mainstay of Messenger in Messenger, but were not previously available in Instagram’s simple messaging service, and it will also introduce new features, such as: hidden messages.

The CEO of Facebook (Mark Zuckerberg) announced for the first time his vision to integrate the feature of messaging through applications early last year. Ultimately, the company aims to integrate WhatsApp with Messenger and Instagram, and to extend full encryption across the three services.

The move is likely to appear in antitrust deliberations over the Facebook acquisition of Instagram and WhatsApp, which has been the subject of numerous investigations. Antitrust experts have raised concerns that merging the services together could make it difficult for regulators to dismantle the company.

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