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Facebook adds contextual labels to popular pages

Looking forward platform Facebook aims to help provide more context about posts, especially those on political issues, through Test New labels that determine if the page is affiliated with a public administrator, fan page, or parody page.

According to the example provided by the platform, new labels appear below the page title in posts, which provide immediate context as to why the page is publishing such posts, which may help reduce confusion.

And Facebook posts can spark a lot of controversy, with the wrong interpretation playing a big role.

And Facebook’s own research showed that a basic misunderstanding can often be a major component of triggering anxiety online, so any additional context or explanatory information can help reduce confusion and de-escalate tensions.

Users tend to take satirical posts very seriously, even if they are from well-known sources like The Onion.

And you often see angry responses in their comments section from people who think the posts are from actual news sources.

Facebook has a big problem with fake news without adding misinterpreted satirical posts to the mix.

Given this, it is clear that there is value in providing additional explanation where possible, and this appears to be a simple, non-intrusive way to mitigate some of these situations.

In addition, labels have the ability to make it clear from the start that people are reading or not reading posts from real authorities, which may help prevent fake news from spreading across the platform.

It is reported that this is not the first time that the social networking giant has tried to make the context of posts in the latest news more clear.

And in June of last year, it began categorizing media outlets whose editorial policy is fully or partly under government control.

Facebook argued that such outlets need nomenclature because they combine the influence of a media organization with the strategic support of the state, and the platform believes that people should know whether the news they read is coming from a post that may be under the influence of a government.

Facebook is currently testing the new ratings with a small group of users in the United States.

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