Excel error prevents Corona cases from being recorded

Excel error prevents Corona cases from being recorded

A spreadsheet glitch (Microsoft Excel) caused 16,000 casualties not to be counted CoronavirusWhich means that thousands of people who may be infected with the virus have not been tracked.

A day after the UK government announced the largest number of coronavirus cases in England, the reason behind the spike in coronavirus cases was revealed.

It is believed that the exception was caused by a spreadsheet (Microsoft Excel) – containing laboratory results – reaching its maximum size, which stopped adding new names through the automatic process.

This means that not as many as 15,841 cases were uploaded between 25 September and 2 October on the UK government’s (COVID-19) dashboard.

In addition to reducing the size of the outbreak in the UK, details were not sent to contact trackers; Which means that people exposed to the virus have not been tracked.

Labor Secretary Therese Coffey admitted that more Britons may have been injured by the blunder.

(Boris Johnson) was unable to say how many people were tracked following the error.

(Boris Johnson) was quick to downplay concerns that ministers are making pivotal decisions on lockdown without accurate information, saying: The outbreak remains in line with what experts believe.

The problem sparked a backlash against Public Health England (PHE).

PHE officials said the pending cases were transferred to the NHS Test and Trace service after resolving the issue, and thanked contact trackers for their additional efforts to remove the backlog.

The technical problem was now resolved by splitting (Microsoft Excel) files into multiple smaller files to prevent the problem from occurring again.

And did not Emphasizes A bug in Microsoft Excel is to be blamed by Public Health England (PHE).

Public Health England (PHE) cited a technical problem with the data upload process that allows officials to share positive test results online.

Spreadsheets (Microsoft Excel) can contain up to 16,384 new columns and 1,048,576 rows.

The blame is believed to lie with the border, although the exact nature of the problem is unknown.

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