Epic Games takes its battle with Apple to the European Union

Epic Games takes its battle with Apple to the European Union

Submitted a company Fortnite developer Epic Games official antitrust complaint about a company Apple to the European Commission, as stated Announced The company today.

Epic Games claims that carefully designed anti-competition restrictions from Apple have completely eliminated competition in app distribution and payments.

This leads to consumers playing at higher rates, she says, and gives Apple a lot of control over developers across its platform.

The new complaint represents the latest legal action taken by Epic Games in its ongoing dispute with Apple, where it criticized Apple’s control over software distribution through the App Store, as well as its policies regarding payments, which often lead to Apple taking a 30 percent commission on in-app purchases. .

The company’s CEO (Tim Sweeney) described this 30 percent commission as a tax, and Epic Games claims Apple’s policies give its services an unfair advantage over other iOS developers.

And in November, Apple said it was lowering the App Store’s commission rate to 15 percent for any developer earning less than $ 1 million in annual revenue, in an apparent response to pressure from developers and regulators.

Epic Games said in its announcement: It is not seeking compensation from Apple in the European Union, but rather wants appropriate and effective solutions to address what it claims are Apple’s anti-competitive practices.

We want to see a ban on these platform companies using their control of devices to exert control over secondary markets and force them to compete on an equal footing with every competitor, ”Tim Sweeney told the Financial Times when asked about what these treatments should include.

Epic Games’ dispute with Apple erupted last summer when it tried to circumvent a commission for in-app purchases in Fortnite.

Apple responded by removing the popular game from its app store, prompting Epic Games to file a lawsuit in response.

The company, which developed the game Fortnite, launched legal proceedings in Australia, and earlier this year it filed a complaint with the UK’s antitrust court over Apple’s actions.

The new complaint comes on the heels of the European Union’s announcement last year that it had opened a formal antitrust investigation against Apple over its App Store and Apple Pay practices.

The European Union is concerned that Apple’s policies are stifling and distorting competition in cases where Apple’s services compete with other developers in its app store.

The messaging app Telegram also complained to the European Union about Apple’s policies, demanding that users be allowed to download programs outside the app store.

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