Elon Musk wants to establish an independent Martian state

Elon Musk wants to establish an independent Martian state

There are some very ambitious people in the world today, and it is clear that (Elon Musk) Elon Musk, the CEO For a company Tesla electric car industry is one of them.

The first manned flight to Mars back and forth in 2030 has been proposed. And NASA expects that the 225 million km distance between Earth and Mars will be covered in the next 20 years.

However, for many people, it is not enough to create a permanent base within Mars, we also need to think about how to manage it and allow it to play an active role.

Elon Musk, CEO of US space exploration technology company SpaceX, is one of the people plotting how humans might live on alien planets in the future.

And theDreaming Masked in building a permanent human base within the planet Mars, while achieving independence there, However, this country faces huge legal challenges.

And through SpaceX’s Starlink Internet User Agreement, we have an initial understanding of the future Mars community, according to Musk.

The terms of service state the following: For services provided within Mars, and services provided to Mars by interstellar spacecraft or other colonial spacecraft, all parties must recognize that Mars is a free planet, and no government on Earth has the authority to declare or claim Sovereignty over Mars, and when there is a dispute over Mars, it is resolved through the principle of self-government based on goodwill.

Musk had previously thought about what such a future government would look like.

He said during SXSW 2018: The Mars government is directly democratically formed, and people vote directly on issues rather than making decisions through representative government.

However, the attorneys expressed doubts about SpaceX’s ability to establish an independent Martian state, andMany people think that SpaceX’s provisions in the Starlink User Agreement aren’t much different from the space treaties over the years.

And all of the space treaties believe that every person on Earth has the same rights and responsibilities to make space something we can all share.

The Artemis Agreements of 2020 state that no country can claim its sovereignty or occupy space in any way.

Musk may have taken a small step in building a state within Mars, and is trying Lay the foundation for an independent Martian state constitution, as it did in electric cars and reusable launch vehicles.

We still need many years to reach Mars, let alone thinking about establishing a state there. According to scientists, the human race needs Ten years to reach Mars Others think it could take 100 years or more.

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