Electric and hybrid cars will account for 20% of auto sales in China by 2025

Electric and hybrid cars will account for 20% of auto sales in China by 2025

The State Council of China said on Monday that it is expected to rise sales Electric and hydrogen-powered electric and hybrid cars in China – which is the largest market for cars in the world – to 20 percent of total new car sales by 2025 from just 5 percent now.

And he said The State Council and the Chinese Cabinet, in a policy paper as part of the issuance of the country’s fourteenth five-year plan until 2025: Sales of so-called new energy vehicles, which include battery electric vehicles, electric hybrids, and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles will rise With the improvement of China’s new electric car industry of its technology and competitiveness.

The State Council called for major improvements in electric vehicle component technologies in China and the building of more efficient electric vehicle charging networks and battery swaps to make electric cars more convenient.

The paper also states that the Chinese government will work to improve the green car quotas system to direct car manufacturers to make more environmentally friendly cars after it ends subsidies for new cars within two years and boosts sales of new energy vehicles for general uses, such as buses and trucks.

Companies such as Tesla, Volkswagen and New are working to expand electric vehicle production in China, with sales expected to reach about 1.1 million units this year.

The new projections for renewable energy vehicles in 2025 are less than the 25 percent target mentioned in the policy proposal published by the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology last year.

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