Edge Browser adds more shopping features

Communication a company Microsoft is working to develop the new Chromium-based Edge browser and Bing search engine in terms of shopping features.

And theShe added The software giant has more shopping-related features to Edge and Bing, and that Before the holiday shopping season.

And Edge Browser for desktop and mobile devices gets the advantage of coupons and promotional codes when you shop online.

And theThis feature automatically attempts to apply coupons and promotional codes Microsoft detects items before other users discover those items and present them with promotional codes.

Microsoft officially announced the launch of this feature, but the Edge browser was automatically searching for coupons on behalf of the user a while ago, which means that the feature was under testing.

The coupons feature is available in the US market in the Edge browser for Windows and iOS, and soon for the Edge browser for Android.

There is no information on when Microsoft plans to expand this feature outside the United States.

Microsoft is also expanding access to its newly announced price comparison feature.

And last month, Microsoft said: The ability to compare prices will be part of the Groups option in the Edge browser.

The company is now expanding this feature more widely, allowing users to see the product price list of different retailers in one place.

The price comparison is available via the desktop version of the Edge browser at this time in the US market only, and there is no information on when Microsoft plans to expand its availability.

Microsoft also announced the ability for users to share their gift wish lists directly inside the new Bing Shopping Center.

It includes Shopping Center Selected collections, such as: home decor, gift ideas, clothes, jewelry, etc.

And if you’re not interested in shopping online, the browser has also got more productivity improvements that are especially beneficial to students.

Microsoft is adding the ability to add annotations and add text notes to PDFs, which is a much-needed feature.

According to Microsoft, one of the important features required is electronic inking, and you can now write in digital ink and annotate screenshots as part of the new screenshot tool.

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