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Echo Show 10 supports Zoom calls with face tracking

Device earned Echo Show 10 (3rd generation) from a company Amazon has support for calls platform Zoom and Amazon Chime, So that the smart screen for tracking the face became more useful in the process.

The latest and largest Echo Show 10 has been launched so far Earlier this year, it featured a robotic pedestal that can rotate its 10-inch screen so it’s always facing you.

This feature is useful if you are interacting with Alexa’s voice assistant and have information on the screen, or if you watch Amazon Prime Video or Netflix while you are cooking.

However, the real advantage comes during video calls, as the ability to navigate and know that you are properly framed can be a huge advantage, avoiding the fatigue of video calls while working from home.

The problem when the third generation of the Echo Show 10 was launched that it did not include support for all the many video calling services, as the owner of the device was getting Amazon’s Alexa calls and Skype.

Zoom is now added so you can use Alexa’s voice commands to join meetings via Zoom.

Likewise, the Amazon Chime communication service that was first launched in early 2017 is also supported, Which is an Amazon teleconferencing platform designed to counter competitors, such as Skype for Business.

Amazon Chime promises high-definition video and high-quality audio for one-to-one and group video calls.

As with Zoom, you can use Alexa’s voice commands to join meetings via Amazon Chime.

And if you have an Echo Show 10 (3G) device, it should be updated to support Zoom and Amazon Chime platform calls.

You can link your calendar through the Alexa app for iOS and Android by heading to Settings, then Calendar and Email, to find options to link Google, Microsoft, Apple or Microsoft Exchange Calendar with the Amazon Assistant.

Having Zoom and Chime on the Echo Show 10 along with Alexa and Skype calls should be helpful for people who want to make video calls in another part of the home without using the small phone screen or having to be in front of a laptop or tablet.

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