E.gg .. a platform for free creative expression from Facebook

E.gg .. a platform for free creative expression from Facebook

On Wednesday, Facebook announced the launch of its new E.gg beta app, which is currently available for iOS only, and for US users only.

Facebook – which has the largest social network in the world with more than 2.7 billion monthly active users – announced the E.gg app last July, in an attempt to revive the Internet experience that was popular in the 1990s. .

The application was developed by Facebook’s New Product Experimentation team responsible for developing experimental applications, and the company says: It is a “platform for free creative expression.”

Facebook said at PublishedE.gg was inspired by the inexperienced and exploratory spirit of the Internet in its early days, and includes flashing GIFs, enthusiastic guestbook entries, and personal web pages dedicated to specialized interests. “With E.gg, you can create brochure-like pages from your phone and publish them across the web.”

Users can compile their own collections of images, GIFs, shapes, and text on blank boards to display their interests and personalities. “In our limited beta, we saw people create fan pages, directories, reviews, profiles, collages, recipes and more,” Facebook says.

The user can then post the creations online using a unique URL. He will not need the application to display other people’s pages. But if the user already has the application, he can browse other people’s creations, and if there are parts he wants, he can add these elements to his own.

IOS users can download the E.gg app from the App Store. App StoreOr, you can browse other people’s creations via Application site E.gg, Or Instagram account his own.

And Facebook said on Wednesday: The new features that come within the framework of integrating the messaging experience of the application Messenger In the photo and video sharing app InstagramIt became available to everyone.

And Facebook said: The first new feature that became available to Instagram users is the Watch Together feature. The second feature that has been launched is chat features that allow users to personalize conversations.

And Facebook reported on Published On her blog, the third feature is (Vanish Mode), which will soon be available for Instagram, and the company announced a few days ago that it had begun launching it for Messenger and Instagram.

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