Duracell does not pay Microsoft to use its batteries

Duracell does not pay Microsoft to use its batteries

Indicates report New to Xbox controller from a company Microsoft is still using AA batteries due to a firm agreement with Duracell.

The title highlights an interview with the Marketing Director of Duracell in the UK, (Luke Anderson), who said: There has always been this partnership between Duracell and Xbox, and it’s a firm agreement between Duracell and Microsoft.

After Anderson’s remarks, many news outlets cited his words, saying that this may be the reason why Microsoft continues to use AA batteries to power some wireless controllers.

This was seen by many as implying that the said deal was the only reason Xbox used AA batteries in the joysticks, and some have speculated that this fact could change after the deal ends.

Duracell batteries are included with the Xbox controllers, and Xbox was already part of a deal with the battery manufacturer through a partnership program run by Duracell, but this appears to be a by-product of Microsoft’s decision to use AA batteries.

A Microsoft spokesperson denied this, saying: We are intentionally offering consumers a battery option for our standard wireless joysticks.

According to the spokesperson, this is the reason why the standard Xbox Wireless Controller continues to use AA batteries rather than building a battery inside the boom.

This includes the use of AA batteries of any brand, the Xbox rechargeable battery, charging solutions from our partners, or the USB-C cable, which powers the joystick when connected to the console or PC.

It is noteworthy that this is not the first time that Microsoft mentioned its decision to commit to AA batteries for some wireless controllers.

(Jason Ronald) Jason Ronald, director of Xbox Partner Program Management, explained in April that a large number of Xbox owners still prefer using batteries.

Microsoft said in 2018 that the dependence of standard joysticks on batteries was because the company liked to offer an option for its player base.

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