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Dropbox allows users to store 50 passwords for free

Dropbox cloud storage service adds a new feature along with its regular offer of storage and file sharing for free Basic accounts.

According to the service, Dropbox PasswordsIt is a management feature passwords Introduced by the company to payment customers in August of last year, it becomes free for free Basic accounts in April with a new limit of 50 passwords.

And the free version of Dropbox Passwords offers zero-knowledge encryption, which means that your saved passwords and logins are protected and only accessible to users.

And when you visit a website, Dropbox’s Passwords feature automatically fills in your username and password.

And after LastPass put an end to the device with its free plans, many are looking for a free alternative, and Dropbox Passwords lets you sync your passwords across three devices for free.

And like other password managers, it exists as an add-on for a web browser, a mobile app across Android and iOS, and desktop apps across Windows, Linux, and macOS.

And the 50 password limit might only make sense if you don’t have a lot of online accounts, but it can be very difficult to find someone who uses Dropbox and doesn’t have a large amount of passwords.

And if you pay $ 11.99 a month for a Plus account or $ 19.99 a month for a Professional account, Dropbox Passwords is there and you can easily try it out.

Dropbox plans to allow users to securely share passwords with other accounts at some time in the future as well.

It’s not clear how this feature works, but it should help when you share logins for streaming accounts and other services.

When asked why to choose a limit of 50 passwords, Dropbox said: We are confident that 50 passwords fit most users in the free Basic plan, but for those who need more, we have a number of other plan options that suit different needs and individual situations or Family or professional.

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