Driving mode in Google Assistant arrives on Android

Driving mode in Google Assistant arrives on Android

The information reported that driving status in Google Assistant, which it announced The company For the first time in 2019, it is starting to appear across some Android devices.

And the Google Assistant driving mode user interface, available to some users over the past few weeks, looks very different from what I exhibited Google at its annual developer conference last year.

It is possible that Google is still running tests of the user interface, as it is possible that Google has changed the interface significantly more than a year after the announcement.

The information shows that Driving Mode in Google Assistant has become activated after users reported seeing a new navigation interface in Google Maps.

It is not clear whether the introduction of this new mode is part of a test or whether it will come to all users.

According to reports, the new driving mode has appeared on (Google Pixel 4), (Asus ZenFone 7 Pro) and (LG Velvet).

The new mode is likely to replace the Android Auto application – used primarily to connect to in-car entertainment systems – within smartphones.

It is not clear whether the new mode includes all the features that Google described when the driving mode was first detected.

The mode was supposed to be available via any Android phone with the Google Voice Assistant, using the activation phrase “Hello Google, let’s drive.”

This activation phrase will display A dashboard with leadership-related activities and other personal recommendations.

Driving mode in the new Google Assistant provides infotainment features for drivers whose cars are not equipped with touch screens.

And theDoes not seem to The voice prompt works so far for devices that got the new status.

The aim of the new mode was to turn the phone into a simple interface with a single voice command, with a home page containing shortcuts for navigation, calls, playing music, and other options.

To find out that your device has the new mode, you must open Google Maps, then open the (Navigation Settings) menu, and select (Google Assistant Settings), and if it is not enabled, you will be taken to the main assistant settings section.

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