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Drako GTE’s electric supercar rushes into an icy lake

The Drako GTE electric supercar has shown that it may be an exception to a rule that supercars are usually not the best cars for snow and snow, thanks to the autonomous motors in each wheel and something called torque steering.

And with an independent engine at each wheel, the Drako GTE can do things no other car can, from spinning like a military tank to spinning 360 degrees.

And the company issued Video clips The car is shown pushing around a snow-covered track and a high-altitude icy lake, with what appears to be a high degree of control.

Drako takes the Drako GTE for the first time to Steamboat Springs in a Colorado and tested it around a purpose-built driving circuit covered with a deep, somewhat uneven snow surface.

Then the company went to Lake Georgetown at 8,500 feet above sea level, and the Drako GTE did some incredibly long drift, lunge and side slip maneuvers and spin in place.

Indicated that these types of maneuvers can only be done with a true torque steering system, the left and right wheels rotate in opposite directions, and elevation is a challenge for any vehicle operating with natural suction.

The $ 1.25 million Drako GTE uses the Fisker Karma’s twisting body on top of the Karma Revero EV EV platform.

And each wheel is powered by its own motor, allowing it to be steer in part by varying torque across each wheel – all controlled by DriveOS.

The company says: The Drako GTE It can produce 1,200 hp and 8,812 Nm of torque, Power comes from four hybrid synchronous engines each producing 300 hp at peak.

These figures provide a top speed of 330 km / h, and the car has a 90 kW battery, but Drako has yet to provide a range.

Drako was founded by Dean Drako and Shiv Sikand because they could not find Electric car That they love.

The Drako GTE is currently in production, and the company plans to manufacture only 25 units of them, with delivery at $ 1.25 million each.

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