Download the Telegram 2022 app

Downloading the Telegram application is one of the messaging applications on the mobile phone, as this application is widely used in social communication between users with messages, voice calls, video calls, and the process of sending and receiving files of all kinds through it, and this application is one of the best dedicated social networking applications To send and receive messages.

Telegram 2022
Telegram 2022

Telegram app

The Telegram application has spread in the recent period largely due to the many services it provides to users, as this application provides the user with a large part of the protection and privacy of his data, in addition to the absence of any advertisements on the application, and the user can do the process of creating different channels on the application to share a lot of the contents or use of those channels in the process of various educational lessons.

How to register in the Telegram app

It is necessary to register in the Telegram application in order to be able to use this application in many different operations, where the registration is done by doing some simple steps, which are as follows:

  • Download the Telegram application from the store dedicated to downloading applications on the mobile phone.
  • You must wait until the application is downloaded and installed on the phone.
  • After that, you choose from the application interface registration.
  • You select the country and then type in your mobile phone number.
  • After that, a message will be sent to your mobile phone with the activation code
  • Type the code and then click on the Next button.
  • You write your name and then upload a personal photo.
  • After that, you click on the Create account button.

How to create a channel on the Telegram app

Telegram channels are used in many things, including distance education and sharing of various files for education, where thousands of users can be included in these channels, and a channel is made on the application by doing the following:

  • Open the Telegram app on the mobile phone.
  • After that, you choose from the menu Create channel.
  • You put the channel name in the top box.
  • After that, you select the users from the numbers registered in the mobile phone.
  • Click on the Create Channel button.
  • The channel link can be shared in other social media for easy channel search.

Features of the Telegram app

The application is one of the most beautiful messaging applications on mobile phones, as this application offers the user a variety of features and characteristics, which are summarized in the following set of lines:

  • This application supports a variety of languages, including Arabic and English.
  • The application comes with an easy and simple interface that is compatible with all users.
  • More than one channel can be created on the application to be used in many educational matters.
  • The user can publish the channel link on other social networking sites.
  • Telegram user numbers are not disclosed.

Download the Telegram app

The application is one of the latest messaging applications on mobile phones, as the application allows the user to communicate from friends, whether through voice conversations or through text messages and video calling, and allows the user to share his chat link without sharing the number or through the barcode. Download the application by doing the following:

  • Download the Telegram application from the Google Play Store for all Android phones directly through the link “ from here ”.
  • You can download the Telegram application for all iPhone phones from the Apple Store through the link “ Here ”.


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