Dolby wants to enhance sound quality through laptops

Dolby wants to enhance sound quality through laptops

Dolby wants to boost the sound quality of video calls via LaptopsSo thatTee Dolby Voice feature to two Lenovo notebooks.

The acoustic technology aims to make it easier for people to hear during conference calls, and it combines elements such as reducing background noise and dynamic tuning to make meetings appear clearer, more natural, and less stressful.

Include all of the laptops Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon Gen 9 and ThinkPad X1 Yoga Gen 6 technology, but Dolby refused to specify other laptops that may come in the future.

Dolby Voice is not entirely new, as the company previously used similar basic technology for my device Dolby Conference Phone And the Dolby Voice Room, Which were both a business-focused conference solution.

The technology includes two different features that work with speakers and microphones to make hearing calls easier.

Full room capture and dynamic adjustments adjust the call volume to make it easier for those who are quieter or further away from the microphone to be heard.

Dolby Voice also includes noise reduction to get rid of echo and background noise, andThe company says: The technology makes it easier to hear speech when there are multiple people talking on the same call thanks to the voice separation feature.

The technology works on both incoming and outgoing audio, so it should appear clearer to the people you talk to or listen to. Dolby Voice features can be controlled via the Dolby Access app.

Your hardware and software suite determines which of these features may be used, andSays Company: Full room capture, dynamic adjustment, and noise reduction all work with the two Lenovo laptops, regardless of software.

External 3.5mm microphones attached to the laptop can also benefit from noise reduction and dynamic tuning.

However, the requirements for the audio separation feature are slightly higher, and the feature only works when using the built-in microphones on the laptop with specific services, including Zoom.

And given that many people have stayed home over the past year, interest has grown in using software to improve voice quality during calls.

Some chat services, such as Discord and Google Meet, have built background noise reduction technology directly into their services, while Nvidia’s Broadcast works through various chat applications, as long as you have the appropriate NVIDIA hardware.

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