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Discord is rapidly expanding beyond gaming

Since its launch in 2015, it has quickly become a platform Discord is one of the best places for video game players to congregate and communicate online, and it’s growing fast.

The number of monthly active Discord users is estimated at more than 140 million, up from 56 million at the end of 2019.

The platform also has 19 million weekly active servers, which include communities with multiple chat, audio and video channels.

Discord offers some advanced features that bring these servers closer to online communities than simple chat rooms, including real-time audio and video chats, custom emojis, and custom posts that differentiate users.

And unlike most social consumer apps, Discord doesn’t make money from ads.

The startup is making money primarily through Nitro, a service Discord sells for $ 9.99 a month or $ 99.99 a year that gives users additional features, such as animated emojis and HD video.

Although the Discord platform is usually associated with online gamers, there is an increasing number of people creating and joining Discord communities that focus on interests as well as games.

Many servers focus their interests on the basis of regions, sports or investment, and among users, 70 percent said they use the app for games and other purposes, which rose from 30 percent in early 2020.

Discord shot up in the business world in March when mentioned The Wall Street Journal reported that Microsoft was interested in purchasing the platform for at least $ 10 billion.

After talks with Microsoft ended, Discord recently announced a partnership with Sony, which took a minority stake in the startup.

Several Discord server managers said: They have noticed a slight increase in their communities over the past year as people have been seeking to communicate with others.

The San Francisco & Bay Area server is one example, and this server now has more than 2000 users, most of them people who identify themselves as living in the many cities around San Francisco Bay.

The server has been around for about four years, and it started as a branch of the San Francisco community via Reddit, said the administrator and owner of the Discord server.

But Discord server has grown over the past year as a way for people to socialize, and the server administrator estimates that they spend roughly $ 80 a month running the server.

This includes server advertising via as a way to get more subscribers and pay for Nitro’s subscription service.

In terms of functionality, Slack is the platform most similar to Discord, as both operate as closed spaces where users can talk to each other via text, voice or video messages through various chat rooms.

And given that more parts of the United States begin to open up again, more people may return to the offline activities they were doing before the pandemic, but Discord server managers say they are not worried about the impact it could have on their online communities.

Although many communities within Discord have seen growth during quarantines and closures, those in charge of these servers are confident that the communities they have created will continue to be centers of social networking.

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