Dell announces XPS 13 with Tiger Lake processors

Dell announces XPS 13 with Tiger Lake processors

Announced a company Dl about new updates to the device (XPS 13) from the regular category and from the category of two in one, as the device became supported by Intel processors of the eleventh generation (Tiger Lake).

And the eleventh-generation Intel processors (Tiger Lake) should provide faster speeds for everything from word processing to streaming games over the Internet.

The device will be available in the United States and Canada on September 30, and will reach more countries in the coming weeks.

The regular XPS 13 starts at $ 999, while the price of the two-in-one device starts at $ 1,249.

The new XPS was shown for the first time when Intel launched Tiger Lake processors earlier this month.

In addition to the new processors, the device has received a memory update, as it is now running (LPDDR4x) at a frequency of 4267 MHz, instead of 3733 MHz.

And like many other leading devices including Tiger Lake, the computer also supports (Thunderbolt 4) and (Xe) for integrated graphics from Intel.

The device from the category of two in one got a redesign similar to the one received by the regular device in early 2020.

What you’ll notice most is the new screen-to-body ratio, andDell says the convertible screen is 7 percent larger than those in previous generations, and the bezels at the top and bottom are getting smaller.

There are also new colors for the device from the category two in one, which previously came in the colors of platinum silver and polar white.

Dell describes the new color options as Platinum Silver with a palm rest made of black or snow white carbon fiber and a palm rest made of polar white fibers.

Dell also announced the “developer edition” of the Linux XPS 13 Developer Edition, the first computer. Portable, initially loaded with Ubuntu 20.04 LTS.

Dell also offers a free Ubuntu 20.04 LTS download for anyone who owns XPS 13 and wants to switch the operating system, regardless of whether they have the “developer version.”

The XPS 13 has an edge-to-edge keyboard with larger key covers and a larger touchpad, and the company has promoted battery life, saying: The computer is targeting more than 18 hours.

Dell says: The entire lineup of XPS computers for 2020 will arrive in boxes Manufactured from sustainable sources incorporating recycled plastic linked to the ocean.

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