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Dacia turns your phone into an information and entertainment display

Romanian automaker Dacia has come up with a method To convert smart phones Into vehicle displays through a unique and industry-first media control system, consisting of your smartphone.

This new idea first appeared in the new Dacia Sandero, transforming any smartphone into an integrated display.

And given that most of us install a smartphone via the dashboard, Dacia has made sure that you never have to deal with a fragile and annoying mobile holder.

Dacia’s media control system consists of an Android or iOS smartphone installed via the Dacia Sandero’s dashboard.

And Nicholas Legros said Nicolas LegrosDacia official: Media Control is a complete multimedia system that includes a radio, two speakers, a USB port, Bluetooth connectivity, steering wheel controls and above all a smartphone terminal in the dashboard.

He added: Our mission at Dacia is to redefine the basic car, therefore, we had to find a smart, simple and attractive multimedia solution.

The smartphone is held in place via the dashboard and tilts slightly towards the driver, and after downloading the Dacia Media control app, connect the smartphone via Bluetooth and you have an instant, customizable and easy-to-use infotainment system.

You also have regular access to apps for streaming music, navigation, phone calls, texts, and a car trip computer, and you can even get voice control thanks to the virtual assistant for your smartphone.

You can change tracks, adjust the volume, answer calls, or search for radio stations using the buttons mounted on the steering wheel.

Media Control also includes a Find My Car function and a forgotten phone alert that reminds you to bring your phone with you when you get out of the car.

If you do not want to use Media Control, the docking station can be hidden by closing the cover. “Media Control brings the best smartphone technology for the driving experience,” Legros said.

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