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Con Edison Announces Development Of The Electric Bucket Truck

Announced US energy company Con Edison is developing the first fully electric bucket truck in the US in collaboration with Canadian manufacturers Lion Electric and Posi-Plus, so that the zero-emissions truck will be introduced next year.

The bucket truck is a hallmark of electric work, and is now the latest heavy-duty multi-utility vehicle to undergo electrical renovation.

In a press release, Con Edison said: The electric truck will be the first on U.S. roads when Con Edison acquires it in early 2022, and the company is running a pilot program with the truck before rolling it across its entire fleet.

Lion Electric, a manufacturer of heavy-duty electric vehicles, is building the truck together with Posi-Plus, Lion supplies its all-electric Lion8 chassis and pneumatic equipment drive, and Posi-Plus implements bucket truck and lifting equipment.

The zero-emissions truck maintains the ability to lift workers and equipment to heights of up to 60 feet.

Aquarius trucks are an important tool for electrical grid construction and maintenance, and in addition, they will become more vital in looking to the future.

Con Edison is one of the largest energy companies in the United States, currently serving the entire New York metropolitan area, and 2023 will be the company’s bicentenary.

Con Edison owns more than 300 bucket trucks, and the electric truck launch could revamp the mammoth industry if it succeeds.

This Class 8 electric bucket truck will be able to travel an estimated 130 miles on a single charge.

Moreover, the trucks will be able to replenish their batteries in about eight hours, using two Tier 2 chargers.

“Medium and heavy trucks are more difficult to electrify than cars,” CEO Con Edison said in a statement, but the purchase of the first fully electric bucket truck shows that the market is real and accelerating.

“Although the range is small at first, this announcement marks an important step in Con Edison’s journey towards fleet electrification,” he added.

Electric pick-ups, electric school buses, and even a few 18-wheel electric trucks have appeared, but there are no electric aerial work platform trucks, known colloquially as bucket trucks.

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