Color your old “black and white” photos with this new app

Color your old “black and white” photos with this new app

Paint your old photos

As part of our follow-up to everything that is important and useful to you, we have for this day one of the new applications that bears the name Colorize, whose main mission is to automatically color your old ‘black and white’ photos using AI capabilities.

Hence, this application can be very useful for anyone He wants to scan old family photos and update them in RGB color, and in terms of usability, it is very easy, and what you need is to download any image from your device, leave the rest to the application, and once the scan is finished and coloring the image, you can immediately share it or save it to your device.

For his part, he provides us with an app Colorize is a limited-time free version, after that you have to subscribe to the application to take advantage of unlimited coloring options, and even support to backup and access photos from any device at any time, Finally, apply Colorize is available for download on either Android or iOS, and improvements are still ongoing, as indicated by those in charge.

Download an application Colorize: Android | iOS

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