Cloudflare launches a free Google Analytics competitor

Cloudflare launches a free Google Analytics competitor

Internet infrastructure giant Cloudflare has revealed New platform Privacy-focused website analytics, so the new platform is designed to challenge the analytics platform’s competition The Google (Google Analytics).

Similar to Google Analytics, Cloudflare Web Analytics extracts information about a specific website’s visitors – their size, page time, geographic location, device type, and so on – so that the user can browse through a central dashboard.

However, the difference between the two services is that Cloudflare will not store or take advantage of the types of user data that Google uses to evaluate and increase online ads, a practice that some consider a privacy violation.

Cloudflare Web Analytics is provided to existing customers and will be made available free of charge to all webmasters for use in the near future.

According to Cloudflare, the debate about privacy on the web has reached its peak this year, and as a result, users are less willing to endure the kinds of data-gathering practices that the world’s tech giants are engaging in.

Matthew Prince, CEO of Cloudflare, said: “This year it is clear to what extent privacy and concerns about data have become one of the real themes that distinguish different tech companies.

He added: There are good things about ad-supported forms, as it is a fair way to make content available to everyone, but there is also no doubt that there is a level of abuse in terms of security, and in terms of Internet performance.

With Cloudflare Web Analytics, the content delivery network provider aims to: Counter this trend and cement her reputation as a privacy advocate.

In a similar vein, the company, within the past few years, released a free website encryption tool, a privacy-focused DNS service, and provided unlimited protection against DDoS attacks for customers of all sizes.

Cloudflare hopes – with this selection of tools and web analytics – that companies can provide their customers with the level of security and data privacy they now demand.

The new analytics service focuses on privacy first, which means that it will not track website visitors via the Internet, nor use IP addresses for the purposes of the web analytics service.

Our business is never designed around tracking users or selling ads, the company said, and we don’t want to know what you’re doing online.

The dashboard itself features a swipe and zoom feature that allows users to focus on a specific period of time in addition to checking for changes in traffic.

There is also a website vitality diagnostic tool included in the free service, and here are some metrics included in the analytics service:

  • Visits by country.
  • Visits by source.
  • The hosts.
  • Clicking paths.
  • Browsers.
  • Device type.

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