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Citroen presents the Ami Cargo delivery truck

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Obtain The inexpensive electric car Ami from a company Citroen on a new van model for urban delivery drivers.

As its name suggests, Ami Cargo offers storage in the same compact size, but at a slightly higher price, which is $ 29 a month.

The French carmaker created additional space by replacing the passenger seat with a modular trunk that can hold more than 400 liters or 140 kilograms of cargo.

The back also contains a closed storage box to secure valuables, such as: smartphones, tablets, small laptops and parking tickets.

The original two-seat car has been converted into a single-seat car, with a clear separation between the driver’s seat and the cargo area.

The company said: The Ami Cargo is inspired by the version designed for individuals, and maintains the idea that guided the design of the Ami, as it is small on the outside but big on the inside.

The Citron electric pickup truck features a flat floor with two levels of height adjustment, which allows you to carry taller items up to 1.2 meters in height.

There is also a modular shelf that can be used as a desk in case you need to stop during deliveries to take a break or get some work done.

Citroen says the truck is designed with delivery service providers in mind.

And given that retailers, like Amazon, are turning to sustainable vehicles for their fleets, the new Ami Cargo could be a perfect fit for urban delivery companies and for food and grocery.

The Ami Cargo does not require a license to drive in France, due to the fact that it is small enough for 14-year-olds to drive without a full driver’s license.

Aside from the extra space, the Ami Cargo is similar to the original Ami in size and performance.

The car features a 6 kW electric motor paired with a 5.5 kW lithium-ion battery that rechargeable in just three hours using a basic 220V household socket.

The size of the new model is 2.4 meters by 1.4 meters, making it ideal for tight parking spaces and suitable for city driving, and allows a range of up to 75 kilometers, with a top speed of 45 kilometers per hour.

Pricing for the Ami Cargo starts at $ 7,821 or $ 29 per month as part of a long-term lease agreement in France, the Ami Cargo is scheduled to arrive in early June.

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