Chrome on Android is testing its own tutorial

Chrome on Android is testing its own tutorial

Google Chrome on Android is testing its own tutorial

When it comes to a browser Chrome And the transition between its settings, it is mostly simple to a large extent, however, there are many functions that are difficult to discover, and for this reason, Google is currently testing the addition of educational videos to its browser, and currently this feature is available on versions Chrome Canary and Chrome for developers in Android.

To activate this add-on, you have to go to the “flag” page, search on the “video-tutorials” setting and then activate it, and you will notice that a new card appears under the site’s shortcuts on the new tab page. To open a list of all available clips, with the option to play with the video player on the phone.

On his part as well, and with regard to these cards, each card has a title that you refer to, for example “How to use Google Chrome” or “How to download content later” or “How to search using Chrome”, or even how to search with your voice and more.

Finally, this add-on is still only limited to the browser version of Android, and there is no code on the desktop version “at least for the time being”, and as we indicated, it is now available on my version. Chrome Dev And the Chrome Canary.


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