Chrome browser makes it easy to manage passwords and payments

Chrome browser makes it easy to manage passwords and payments

Announced a company Google about New changes The Chrome browser affects the mobile version and the computer version.

Google has worked over the years to make the sync feature in Chrome Sync optional for more features of the browser.

The upcoming first change means that the Chrome browser for Android allows you to log into a Google account without using the sync feature.

This makes other features possible, such as visibility of open tabs across devices, personalization, and automatic log-in to sites.

And when you log into a Google service, such as Gmail, you can now choose to log into the Chrome browser using one of your Google accounts within the device with one click and without the need to re-enter your data.

If you prefer to log in without adding your account to the device, you can dismiss the dialog.

And as part of what Google calls (single click option) via Android, you can also access payment methods stored in your Google account for autofill in the browser.

You must first confirm the CVC or use biometrics.

When you add, you can save the new credit card in your account for use across all of your devices.

And every time you save a card in your account, you will receive a confirmation email. You can manage and delete cards at any time by going to the payment methods in your account.

Meanwhile, the computer browser allows you to manage passwords saved in your Google account without the need to use Chrome’s sync feature.

This also expands who can use the password generation feature in the browser. You will be able to autofill passwords from sites that you previously saved to your account.

And when you save a new password, Chrome allows you to choose where you want to save it – via device or in your Google account.

Chrome sync should become optional for these features in the coming months.

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