Chrome 88 makes it easy to manage and change passwords

Chrome 88 makes it easy to manage and change passwords

Issued a company Google brings a new update to Chrome 88 for Windows, Mac OS, and Linux, adding some personal security features that will make users safer online.

The new version also improves support for dark mode, along with removing support for FTP and Adobe Flash Player, and dark mode improvements can be found across both Windows and Chrome OS.

There are improvements to both the light and dark modes in Chrome OS, with updated features for the app launcher, quick settings, and other parts of Chrome OS.

Information indicates that Windows 10’s dark mode has been improved with Chrome 88, with sliders appearing in dark mode.

Dark Mode is currently limited to Settings, Bookmarks, History, and New Tab Pages in Chrome 88 and not across all websites with dark themes.

Google removed some of the older web technologies in Chrome 88, as it officially disabled FTP with this newer version, removing support for the protocol that has been used for decades to send files over the web.

The Adobe Flash player has also been completely removed from Chrome 88, after it was initially blocked and then disabled in recent years, and the removal of the Flash player from the browser marked the end of an era, after Adobe stopped support for the technology on December 31.

Google is also testing some new features for its browser, such as the Tab Search feature for Windows, Mac and Linux users, which you can access via Chrome: // flags / # enable-tab-search.

And if you use Chrome’s built-in password manager, there are now some additional options, where you can check if you have any weak passwords by sorting the accounts that need updating.

In addition, Google gives users one place to update all the passwords that Chrome manages, and the feature should now be available via the desktop version and the iOS operating system, before it is released to Android in the near future.

You may want to update multiple usernames and passwords easily, in one convenient place, which is why starting with Chrome 88, you can manage all your passwords faster and easier in Chrome’s settings, the company said.

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